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The history of the Tenuta franzona begins in the 1960s

The history of the Franzona estate begins in 1964, when Aldo Carati bought this farm, together with three other farms located in the Dozza area, Castel Guelfo and Castel Bolognese, spanning the border between Emilia and Romagna.

Aldo Carati immediately relied on the help of his nephew Gilberto Lanzoni, already an expert in the agri-food sector having lived a life linked to the fruit trade.

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The evolution from farm to winery

Towards the end of the 1960s, Gilberto Lanzoni had a new winery built for winemaking, with the help of his uncle Aldo, with the aim of making the most of the 19 hectares of land around the winery.

It was a bet, but with very positive implications, as the winemaking activity and the consequent sale of bulk wine produced excellent results. He then began to invest more and more in the cellar by purchasing other stainless steel barrels and more and more modern machines.

The winemaking activity became more and more important, so much so that we decided to uproot the apricots and peach trees to make room for new vines.

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Alessandro, the current generation

Since 2005, with the death of Gilberto Lanzoni, the ownership of the Franzona estate passes to his wife Tina and his son Massimiliano who, in the years to come, have entrusted themselves to the management of tenants outside the family.

In 2014 the entire family decided to return to the leading role in the management of the Franzona Estate, directly reaping the fruits of their work.

The estate is then entrusted to the management of his nephew Alessandro, who thanks to his young age provides a further boost to growth while keeping his feet firmly in tradition.

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